Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soup's ON! (Part Two) Two Companies with GF Soups that will warm your soul

To quote Mick Jagger:
"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you just might find, you'll get what you need."

I feel that way about gluten-free soup. Prepared soup. Canned soup. Packaged soup. You know. CONVENIENCE soup.

I miss it. I'm sorry. There. I said it.

Now, I love a good vat of homemade soup like the next person, and yes, I can make it with the best of them. I make an awesome minestrone soup, and my taco soup is mighty fine. You should try my cauliflower and leek soup, too. And I have this tomatoey veggie beef soup that puts Rachel Ray's stoups to shame.

But seriously. I have used canned soups all my life. And being GF, we have been limited.

While I was sick in January, though, I refocused my attention and discovered to GREAT lines with great soups for the GF. And honestly both lines got me through last month's illnesses.

I present them both to you in alphabetical order. With all my love.

Amy's Kitchen Organic Soup

Out of the blue last month, I got an email from Debby Fortune who represents Amy's Kitchen, asking me if I'd tried their products. I of course had -- the pizza is a staple in my Kroger (I got it there...hehehe) and I love their Cheese Enchiladas and Tamales.

But the kind representative from Amy's Kitchen offered to send me a sample of their soups, and I realized that in almost three years of gluten freedom, I'd not tried them! In fact, I didn't even think of Amy's when I thought of soup.**

Well, I do now. I received a package with three cans -- Spanish Rice and Bean, Vegetable, and Tomato Bisque. And now I have a new favorite soup in a can. OK, a bunch of new favorites. Because they make a lot. And usually (now that they're on my radar) they're usually about $2 a can in my Kroger. And there are LOTS of GF Flavors.

Let me wax nostalgic about one of them, though. Tomato Bisque. See, I was always a Campbell's soup girl, and tomato was always my fave. Do when I had to give it up, I began a search for a good one. Why I didn't try this, I don't know, because it is AWESOME! When I'm sick, I want tomato soup and cheese straws. I now have that -- with the Tomato Bisque and Grainless Baker Cheese Straws. YUM. Yes!

(And Amy's got a great shoutout this week from Michael Pollan on the Oprah show. I'm just glad I was a fan before Oprah.)

Kettle Cuisine

My first encounter with the Kettle Cuisine Brand of frozen soup was at the Gluten Free Vendor Fair. I tasted a couple of soups and got three $1 off coupons, and I looked forward to a time when I could purchase this product.

I gotta say, I really LOVE the people at Kettle Cuisine -- their local rep (by Twitter Friend @gfsoupmom) and their national reps @Kettlecuisine are awesome.

When I got to Tampa for Christmas, I had the chance to purchase three soups at my favorite HFS. And I brought them home just in time for my sickness.

OMG. OMG. OMG. What a phenomenal soup! I enjoyed beef chili and chicken noodle (and even got sent a coupon for a future bowl when I"m well). The third, their Organic Carrot-Coriander, which I used for something else.

Can I just tell you how much I love this soup? It tastes like my Daddy's -- I have never had to make chicken noodle soup because his is so good. This. Is. A. Dream. Come. True. With a coupon, it sold for about $2 for one container. I think it's wonderful. I have a free coupon and two $1 off coupons. I'm stocking up this weekend when I got to Atlanta!

I know it's sold at Whole Foods and Return to Eden, and in Tampa at Abbey's Health Food Store.

Both soups will be kitchen staples for me. Both companies have excellent web sites with nutrition information.

Both have rocked my world. I hope they'll rock your world, too.

Much love, and I tip my hat to you all! If I had a hat....

**Disclosure: Amy's Soup for Sampling were provided by the company. Kettle Cuisine Soup mentioned here was purchased by me.

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  1. Hi Ginger, Thanks so much for your wonderful review. It was a pleasure to meet you in Atlanta. Will be back for the fair this year as well. Thanks for all the good work you do for the folks following a gluten free diet.

    Regards, Lorna