Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Grainless Baker Cheddar Cheese Cracker: Nature's Perfect Cure

When I'm sick (as I have been for the past 9 days) nothing comforts me like a crispy cheese cracker -- what we call a Cheese Straw down here in Georgia and Florida. I know that's silly, but it's a habit my Mama started, and I find hard to break.

For those of you not of southern descent, a cheese straw is a crispy cheese cracker, made with butter and cheese, that is usually served at tea socials and weddings. Sometimes they're squiggly and delicate. Sometimes they're crisp and crunchy (like my Mama's recipe, which I prefer). Most of all they're redolent of sharp cheddar cheese...crispy, tangy, YUMMY!

Anytime I was sick as an adult, my Mama would make a batch for me. And I'd pretty much live off them for however long my sickness endured. I had a bag in my freezer when my Mama died, and like Jeffrey and his Snickerdoodles, I parceled them out over a year or so.

Once I went gluten free, I found it hard to find something that replicated a cheese straw. But back in November, at our Middle Georgia GIG Thanksgiving, my friend Jennifer Harris (JGF) brought a pack of The Grainless Baker Cheddar Cheese Crackers for the table. She mentioned they weren't very "crackery," but I liked them at first bite. I snagged the leftovers, and after more sampling, realized this is really the closest thing to a cheese straw I've found since going GF. Randy loved them, too.

And now, I'm addicted. I have to pace myself, really. They have flours I'm good with in them, they don't cause me gastric distress, and most of all, they have no added sugar. They also have protein, so a couple of crackers work for me as a quick breakfast. But I must restrain myself!

Who am I kidding. Since Thanksgiving, I've bought about 10 packages of these babies.

The only place I've found these great crackers is at Return to Eden in Atlanta, where I tend to buy them out every time I pass by. Last Friday, one of my students made a cracker run for me on her way home to Milledgeville. So as you can see, I'm good for a couple of....days? weeks?

But I digress.

At $3.99 a box, these are a great price and are really good for all uses. I haven't crumbled them into tomato soup yet...but that's not far away, I assure you.

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, rice flour, potato starch, eggs, butter, Xanthan gum, salt and pepper. (The only thing I think it needs is a dash of cayenne -- but I can remedy that myself in the box!)

Try them. You'll love them!

Much love, and crunch crunch!


  1. Another great product is amy lyn's original flax thins. These are available in your local store or at
    Thank you!

  2. Gaaa! I was just in Atlanta for the weekend and did not go to Return To Eden. I did make it to the Dekalb Farmer's Market to replenish my herbs and spices, and to Whole Foods, but forgot all about Return to Eden. he he he, I had a whole suitcase full of gluten free stuff. My husband thought I was crazy. And I was, gluten free crazy.