Thursday, January 28, 2010

An App-propriate iPhone App

I was so, so happy last week to acquire the Grocery Guide iPhone App from Triumph Dining! I have spoken to both Ross and Kay at Triumph, and I know they're proud it's out and working. And me? I'm so glad I have an iPhone (genuine endorsement, btw. I bought my phone in May).

I took it to WalMart on Friday and checked products on the spot. I especially enjoyed using it while looking at condiments like BBQ sauce and salad dressing. I also used it for cheese for someone on the Delphi Forum.

It's easy and simple to use. It's pretty darn near perfect.

The only issue I have is one that will change with time -- there are some brands not on there yet. But thankfully, most of the brands at major chains are there for our use. It's very complete, and it will only get larger and better. I find it a bit easier to use than some of the other apps I rock -- but having them all on my phone really is wonderful.

Do you have APP ENVY? (can't help you if you need the phone).

Do you want to try the iPhone App? Here'a a sweet contest from the Triumph Dining Newsletter.

Win Triumph Dining’s New iPhone App
To celebrate the launch of our new gluten free grocery guide iPhone App, we’re giving away 10 free copies to our blog readers. To enter the contest, just add a comment on our blog. (Of course, you’ll need to be an iPhone user to actually use the app…) We’ll choose winners next Friday and announce them right here, so enter soon and stay tuned!

The new App is the iPhone version of our popular gluten free grocery guide. Like the print edition, it lists over 30,000 gluten free foods, making it the largest gluten free product listing available anywhere. We worked with one of the best iPhone developers in the business to build a very fast, powerful App that’s really easy to use.

To learn more, visit the grocery guide app page at Apple’s App Store (the link will open up the iTunes Store on your computer).

Much love, and Thank you Triumph Dining.

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  1. Ginger--We have some iPhone users in my support group. I'll be sure to share your review with them in my next email. :-)

    So glad you shared your post on The Gluten-Free Lifestyle Carnival--thanks!