Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A B-Udi-ful Product for the Gluten-Free

A few weeks ago, I received what I've been calling "a box full of love" from Udi's Gluten Free Foods, a Gluten-Free Bakery in Denver, Co. My lil bro Gluten Free Steve, who lives in Denver, has been taunting me with tid-bits about Udi's for a year or so now. Finally, I got my chance to try this product.

And for three weeks, I have been savoring every last morsel of food from this box. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Udi's, so much so that I want to move to Denver so I can camp out on their doorstep. Seriously.

Yes. It's bread that is THAT good. Muffins that are luscious and delicious. Pizza crust crispy and hearty.

Nirvana. Manna. Heaven on a plate. And no, I wouldn't say that if I didn't mean every letter of every word.

Yea, I know. I'm gushing. But here's why. Udi's products taste like they're not gluten free, which to me is the whole point.

My first sample was the blueberry muffin. Now, as you know, I'm a baking slug. I am too lazy to make even something simple like muffins (from a mix, no less). But this muffin....well, three things about it. Great crumb, moist and delicious, no after taste. Moderate carb content, so it didn't spike my blood sugar. And great shelf life -- four muffins for me lasted four days (thank you God Randy doesn't like muffins. Of course, I threatened his life if he ate one. But I did share with him....I promise). I love that these sat on the counter for a long weekend and didn't go stale or get moldy. WOW.

Aren't they B-Udi-Ful? Yeah, that hole is where I pulled out a blueberry the size of my thumb. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Test two: A sandwich. Randy and I made sandwiches for lunch the next day. I made my one-slice wonder tomato sandwich on the Udi's bread, and I thought I was eating a gluten-filled bread. And Randy couldn't tell the difference. The white bread is like what good white bread should be -- and it, too had a shelf life of about three days. Of course, that's how long it took me to eat the whole loaf, two slices at a time, as a carb serving on my diabetic diet. It's perfect. IT IS THE BEST PACKAGED GLUTEN-FREE LOAF BREAD. I love that sold fresh it is ready to eat, but that it thaws to freshness and doesn't have to be retoasted or heated to taste good, too. Amazing.

I just wish I could buy it around here. Sigh. Every time I frequent a gluten-free food purveyor, I ask them to carry it. Honestly.

But I also want to add a couple of things. First, I've NEVER seen anything but a positive review of Udi's bakery and products. NEVER. Like this rave by the Denver Gluten-Free Examiner. Or this support by my lil bro Gluten Free Steve,

They're also on Twitter at @udisglutenfree. Follow, people! Follow!

And while I'm here, let me mention this. @GlutenfreeDee, the Twitter face of Udi's, is one of the nicest people I've ever met. (Here's her website.) She has become a virtual friend to me -- I can't wait til I get to Denver next summer! Gluten-Free Steve is going to take me to meet her. What a joyful day that will be! (and I can't wait to see my carry-on luggage on the trip back from that one...) I hear there are cinnamon rolls to die for there....

The Udi's site has all the details for purchase, but let me reiterate: You can find Udi’s Gluten Free foods in participating King Soopers, or ask for us in the bakery department at your grocer’s. Their dedicated gluten-free bakery is located at 101 E. 70th Ave (corner Broadway) in Denver, CO 80221 (303)657-1600. CafĂ© patrons can watch as our bakers work to get you the best gluten free product on the market.

Like I said. B-Udi-Ful!

Much love, especially to you, @GlutenFreeDee


  1. Ginger you are a true blessing in my life as well. I'm thankful to Udi's for giving me the opportunity to meet amazing people like you and your lil bro - GlutenFreeSteve! Is he really your lil bro? We will have a blast when you come to Colorado to visit!

    Dee Valdez
    Gluten Free Product AmbassadorTM (coming soon!)

    P.S. On line ordering is now a reality! After many long months, the site has been modified so people like you, Miss Ginger, can order directly on line!!! You still have to go to site a sift thru a couple steps but it's there babe! Order away! It's Be-Udiful!

  2. Ginger - you know I love my Udi's. I've had their challah and let me just say, it took me back! We'll definitely get you there! And yes, Dee is right, you can now order online. So don't miss out folks. The folks at Udi's are some of my favorite folks. Nice folks, great products!

  3. Ginger - I too am trying to figure out a way to get to Denver for a visit to Udi's! I actually teared up after one bite of bread with peanut butter on it. It was the BEST gf bread I've had in over three years and I'm on a mission to get it to this side of the country! I decided to order online for food to take on trips to visit family in TN in Nov. and Dec. And by the way - I will not be sharing my incedible food with anyone but my husband. This stuff is better than gluten produsts I've had ;)