Monday, September 7, 2009

Help Moondance make it to Whole Foods!

Perhaps you remember my blog post about Moondance Heavenly Desserts, Shelley Ritchie's wonderful bakery.

Shelley is in the middle of a campaign to have her delectable products carried by Whole Foods, and we can help.

Please go to this page of Shelley's website and click on the letter link on the left.

Or, you can use this copy here.

I'm heading to Whole Foods in Atlanta next weekend, and I plan to take TWO copies of the letter -- one for each store!

You should, too. We all need a little more heaven in our lives!

Much love, and I can't wait til I can buy these in the south!


  1. I live on the west coast. Do you think she'll be open to sending her products to any Whole Foods?

    Crossing my fingers on this one because as I looked at the post, and pics, you put up about her products, I was salivating!

  2. Ginger,

    Have this company contact me to participate in the GF Vendor Fair on the 17th. I have tried these products before and think they should be carried locally due to their highly portable nature and taste/texture

  3. I help out at the Moondance Bakery from time to time, and I can tell you that not only do they taste great, but they're made by someone who really cares about the product. Thanks for all the help and support!