Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A thoughtful book, and a give-away!

A few weeks ago, I posted about a deal where you could purchase a Zojirushi bread machine and receive a copy of Annalise G. Roberts' Gluten-Free Baking Classics for the Bread Machine.. I was thrilled to receive a copy of the book for review, but, with full disclosure, I admit I don't have a Zo, so I couldn't test the recipes.

I wish I did, though. Now more than ever. This book should be nicknamed Clarissa, because it explains it all!

If you are new to the gluten-free baking world, and you have a Zo, this book will make your life and baking very straightforward and deliciously easy. I love to read cookbooks, and after reading the sections of this book on the gluten-free baking pantry, the flour mix ratios, and so much more. I could feel my taste buds activating when I read about the cinnamon swirl bread...I learned a lot from the book, in short, and that's an essential tool in good cook-book writing, in my opinion.

Annalise Roberts is a baking goddess, loved and revered by members of the gluten-free baking world. And her book is a true service vehicle to those who are gluten-free. In short, it's a must have for your baking library -- as long as you have a Zo, that is.

So for that reason, I am going to make this book available to one of my readers as a prize. You see, I don't have a Zo, and as a college professor of limited means (read:furloughed but fabulous?) I don't see buying one in my future. So for me, while this books is delightful, inspiring, delicious reading, it does me no good.

So here's the deal: Tell me in the comments here why you think I should give you this book (which in a way will be a tribute to Annalise's fabulous work) AND then I'll use my husband's random number ap to pick a winner.

Deadline to enter and win: Sunday, October 25. 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. I'll announce the winner and ask him or her to send me mailing details. Cool enough?

Thank you Agate Publishing, for producing such a fine book. And thank you, Annalise Roberts, for ALL you do for the gluten-free world.

Much love, and best of luck!



  1. Well, I can't think of a better reason to pick me, other than I love Delphi CD forum (they saved my sanity 4 years ago), and I got my ZO because of the recommendations from the NON-baking crowd (pre-GF, like me)!
    I hope you'll pick me, I love my Zo and would love the extra ways to use it =)
    Stephanie GF 8/05

  2. Oh I wish you could get a Zo! I will tell you how I love mine though. We bought it because of the price and quality of the gluten free breads here were not that great. Katrina liked the Whole Foods bread okay, but wasn't that thrilled with it.
    I bought the Zo on the recommendations of our friends at the Delphi forum and now I bake about 2 loaves of bread a week. So far all I have been using is the Pamela's mix because I don't have any idea of how to do anything else! LOL
    I would love to read the Annalise's book to learn how to break away from the mix and make some more yummy breads for Katrina. She has been gluten free since 4/04, this is the first time that she has really enjoyed bread since going gluten free. It is a beautiful thing.


  3. I don't have the Zojirushi bread maker, but I'd be interested in making the breads by hand if that is possible. If that is not, then don't let me win the book. It sounds like a good one though!

  4. me, me, me! I need this book, I love Annalise's recipes.

  5. This one's for Alex. She tried but it wouldn't let her post.

  6. The book sounds great and I'd love to have it! I can echo what Stephanie said in her comment. I too love the cd forum on delphi and all the wonderful people there who have helped me. I remember being so thrilled to find out that I could have good bread again and simply by using the Zo! (I'd never baked bread before in my life) I admit I haven't branched out much though. There are a few staples that I bake in my Zo and that's about it. Learning to make more of a variety of things would be great! : )

  7. This one's for Pam, who had trouble with the site.

  8. well Ginger, who ever wins the book will do it justice, I'm sure. If its me, know that I'll use it often to try lots in my Zo...I've actually only made sandwich breads or dough (that I then use to make rolls). I'd love to try new things from TNT Zo recipes!

    I take pride in my breads and I had never baked a loaf before (as y'all who visit Delphi know)...and I promise I'll post pictures of the end results---with Annalise Roberts' recipes, I am confident of great looking and tasting results!

    Jen in St. Louis (Mom to gf Vicky, who will love trying new foods from the Zo)

  9. ginger,
    I would love this book, so I could look at it then have it as a door prize for my class I have been telling people about on Delphi, I think that it would be a really cool prize
    Julie (NE Iowa julie)