Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Udi's Gluten Free in Georgia!

From Carol Hinton, Branch Manager of the Middle Georgia GIG:
Udi's Bread has arrived in Middle Georgia!
For those of you who have tried Udi's bread elsewhere or have read about it online, you can now find it in Middle Georgia.  I visited Yvonne's on Vineville today to find both Udi's white bread and Udi's whole grain bread in the freezer section.  They also had Udi's muffins.
I also visited Mia's off Vineville and found Udi's muffins as well.  I would expect them to have the bread in the near future.
If you haven't tried Udi's you will be surprised at how good it is.  It does not need to be toasted and stays fresh on the counter for several days.
If you visit either store to purchase Udi's, let them know where you heard about it.
Middle Georgia GIG
Much love, Ging

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  1. I keep hearing about Udi's, and am looking to
    try it when I get the chance. It sounds