Monday, December 14, 2009

Who needs a cookie swap? I've got GLOW!

Because of issues with my autistic son's behavioral wanderlust, I didn't feel especially encouraged to attend my GIG's annual holiday cookie swap last weekend.

But thanks to Glow Gluten Free cookies, my cupboard is filled with delicious cookie treats!

I've said many times I'm not a baker -- my Mama, may she rest in peace, was the one who supplied our house with cookies and cakes. She was especially happy during the holidays, when she baked batches of Anise Cookies and Snowballs, and of course, Snickerdoodles for the love of her life, my son, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey loves Snickerdoodles. At first I thought they might be made with Snickers bars, but they're not -- they're a rich sugar cookie, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Sure, I could make them, but not like my Mama. (Jeffrey occasionally sneaks a package of raw dough into his grocery basket...and I baked some a while ago that were delicious.) But I'm no cookie baker.

When Mama died, there was a bag of Snickerdoodles in her freezer, and Jeffrey transported it to our freezer. He parceled out those cookies for about a year, eating them one at a time, about one a week.

I didn't think I could replicate my mother's Snickerdoodles, until a few weeks ago, when Jill Brandt, the lovely person behind Glow Gluten Free cookies, sent me a sampling of her wares. I actually approached her for additional samples -- I'd already purchased two types, the Gingersnap and the Double Chocolate Chip. I've bought both since, and will buy them again. (Hat tip toJGF -- she brought me the Gingersnaps....yummmmmmy!)

But oh, those Snickerdoodles. They're my Mama's Snickerdoodles, but healthier and better than ever.

When they're first out of the box, the Snickerdoodles are crisp. I actually put mine in the microwave for about 8 second, and it was perfectly warm and crispy. But I put them away after one cookie...and I didn't seal them well. But to my surprise, the second day, they were just a tad moister and softer -- exactly like my Mama's.


Now, the unique selling point of Glow Gluten Free is that each cookie has two grams of fiber, is gluten and dairy free, and has 13 grams of carbs and nine grams of sugar. If you go to this page, you'll see ALL the nutritional information about these great cookies.

This Christmas eve, Santa will pull a fast one on Jeffrey. Instead of his leaving cookies for Santa, Santa will be stuffing his stocking with Glow Gluten Free Snickerdoodles, a real taste of home.

Thank you, Jill. You and Glow really have made my holiday season this year!

Much love, and I'm all a GLOW!


The cookie details: Seven per package, and each cookie is a generous serving.
Cost: Around $7 a package

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  1. those cookies look so good! I love snickerdoodles, too.