Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, Marilyn Santulli!

I've met a lot of great people in the gluten-free world since I became gluten-free (and a blogger) three years ago.

One of my favorites, Marilyn Santulli, the genius behind America Gra-Frutti, is having a birthday today, so I wanted to use this space today to celebrate her, and celebrate her commitment to the gluten-free world.

I've written about American Gra-Frutti products a lot here on my blog, and I do it because the product is so thoughtfully prepared. First, Marilyn's Cobb County kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free facility.  She has a completely safe environment for gluten-free people like me.

A few months back, Marilyn gave me a tour of the kitchen.  There she bakes cakes, cupcakes, and now cheesecakes and ginger snaps! She's recently created a wonderful Caramel Crunch, which is addictive.  There are also angels and coconut drops and oh yeah, a rocking Peachtree Pimento pimento cheese. 

And as of today (Wednesday, April 7) her "They'll Never Know" and "You Know you Love Chocolate Chip"5 oz. cupcakes are available at Turner Field. Woo-hoo! 

I've pretty much tasted everything Marilyn makes, and I'm always impressed. Oh, I have my favorites -- I love the Peachtree Pimento (spicy, please) and the Peppermint Cremes and Angels. And the cakes. And the cheesecakes. And...

Here's Marilyn and America Gra-Frutti's mission statement:  American GraFrutti, LLC is passionately devoted and focused on gluten and dairy intolerances by creating decadent, nutritious and healthy desserts, as well as deli products for the consumer’s well being.

I'm happy to recommend Marilyn's products to consumers and to food establishments. Her cheesecakes are on the featured menu at Figo Pasta along with their gluten-free pasta menu. Her almond and coconut drops are sold in Tampa at Abby's -- she's from Tampa, so that is a coup. And Mom's Organic Market in the Rockville and Bowie, Maryland area can't keep her products in stock.

And in Atlanta? Return to Eden and Whole Foods!

Yep, Marilyn Santulli is a pretty special woman to the gluten-free world, and I'm proud to call her my friend. She makes every occasion complete!

You can follow American Gra-Frutti (and Marilyn) on Facebook and  Twitter

Much love, and happy birthday, Marilyn!

P.S. Marilyn has a beautiful and talented artist daughter named Meredith Dahle. I wanted to give her a shoutout here because she's about to graduate from college, and then head to Alaska! Meredith, as well as Marilyn's sweet husband Paul, are all part of the American Gra-frutti team. You might see Meredith out at a sampling some day soon.

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